The worst frost in decades in french vineyards


During the first few weeks of April, France suffered an unprecedented cold spell which forced winegrowers to fight relentlessly against frost for several consecutive nights. No region nor vineyard was spared.

Even if it is too early to draw conclusions about the damage caused, the winegrowers all agree that this is the worst frost wave in decades.

The magnificent spectacle of the vines on fire hides in reality the enormous amount of work carried out by the winegrowers to preserve the first buds. Lighting candles at the foot of the vines, making braziers all around the plots, watering the vines to preserve the buds trapped in the ice or spraying herbal infusions; everything was done to raise, by a few degrees, the temperature at the foot of the vines to save what could be saved.

This cold snap affected all French regions, from Burgundy to Languedoc, all of which experienced difficult nights of struggle. Some wineries have experienced significant losses (with nearly 100% loss in some plots) while, other estates have been able to preserve up to 60-70% of the first buds. However, one thing is certain : the damage will be significant for the 2021 vintage. 

The coming weeks will allow all the winegrowers to make a more precise assessment. The hope of seeing second buds is still present and we are scanning the weather to try and find some sunshine and warmth.

We congratulate all our winemakers for their courage and dedication. Together, we are preparing a special communication which will focus on the damages suffered by each winery.

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