La Confrérie des Domaines abroad: three new international offices !

La Confrérie des Domaines has been working alongside French producers on the export markets for more than 15 years and has developed considerably since its creation. After merging with a sister company in the South of France, expanding our specialized sales team in each region, creating and developing a marketing department,

 it was the right time for us to get closer to our partners!

Indeed, our team masters international markets and cultures. Each of our sales managers is specialized in a region of the world and since the last few years, our international presence has been continuously growing. These are essential assets which allow us to understand the functioning of the local markets, the trends and to promote our wineries. 

We are proud to announce the opening of two new regional offices : North America (Montreal), Latin America (São Paulo) and Asia (Japan : which becomes our second Asian office after the opening of an office in China in early 2021).

"We are proud to announce the opening of three new regional offices"

The first North American Office

After two years of health crisis that postponed this project, we are very pleased to have been able to open our first North American office this summer. North America is of great interest to us. Indeed, the USA is today the first market for the Confrérie des Domaines and Canada presents real development opportunities for us.

"Develop the US and the Canadian market"

Maguelone COQUE, export manager for the past three and half years and Elliott Dero, export manager for the past four years, are now based in Montreal, Quebec in order to be closer to our Canadian and American customers.

Since their arrival in July 2021, Elliott has already met with several of his Quebec clients, who have welcomed the closer contact. He will also be present at the Tastin France fair in Montreal and Toronto. Maguelone, who takes care of the western provinces of Canada and the west coast of USA will travel to Alberta and British Columbia in November to meet our customers and present wines of our wineries at the Tastin France fair. She will also travel to the USA early 2022 for a fair in NY.

Maguelone and Elliott are delighted to be there and will use this presence abroad to develop the network of partners and importers in North America.

After China, let's go for the opening of the Tokyo office

After opening a first office in China (Shanghai) at the beginning of 2021, we have made the strategic choice to establish ourselves in the heart of the Japanese capital, Tokyo.

"Strengthening our presence in the area"

Antoine PARRE, our export manager for Japan, Oceania and Asia Pacific, will be in charge of this new office.  With several years of experience in Japan, Antoine has an excellent knowledge of the market, the language and the Japanese culture. He will leave the office in France and move to Tokyo in mid-October.  His expertise on the market will allow him to create new relationships, participate in local fairs, improve customer relations and assist them. His proximity also allows him to analyze trends and to be reactive on this market. This new location will also enable him to develop the Oceania and Asia Pacific markets more effectively.

In the heart of the economic capital of Brazil

In January 2022, our export manager Romain Lamour will be flying to Latin America. Our new office is about to open its doors in the center of Sao Paulo which is the financial core of Latin America. It’s a strategic establishment in the heart of a challenging market full of opportunities.

"Latin America a very promising market"

Thanks to a rich experience in Peru, Romain has an excellent knowledge of the market and of Latin American culture. His local presence will be a real asset for us.

It will make it easier for him to be active in the whole Latin American market: Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil… It will allow him to participate in wine events, local animations and trade fairs in order to fully develop the potential of these markets. 

Indeed, during the year 2022 he will participate in the Prowein exhibition in Sao Paulo and in the Tastin France in Brazil, Colombia and Mexico to promote our French partner producers in these areas.