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The Irancy Vineyard

“My Domaine has been in the family for 7 generations. It was in 1914 that my great grandfather himself, a great grandson of winegrower moved to Irancy. My wines are the reflection of terroirs offering purity, finesse and minerality. I have some César grapes which are said to have been brought here by the Roman legions.

Out of respect for nature and the environment, I have been driving almost my entire vineyard according to the rules of organic farming and have been certified by Ecocert since 2010”.


The history of the Winery

The establishment of vines in our region dates from at least the 2nd century if we believe a high relief discovered on the nearby archaeological site of Escolives-Sainte-Camille.

Closer to our time, it was in the 1930s that the vineyard acceded to the Burgundy appellation, then in 1977 to the Burgundy IRANCY appellation and in 1998 to the IRANCY village appellation.

Winemaker from father to son for 7 generations and with ancestor winemakers already in the 16th century in Irancy, the estate today consists mainly of vines of the family, the oldest of which were planted by my great-grandparents and on the other hand by rental vines belonging to old families from our village.

The winemaker

David Renaud, the current producer, is part of the 7th generation.

After his  studies, he returned to the family estate in 1998, and gradually took over the management in 2005.

“Out of respect for nature and the environment, since 2010 I have managed my entire vineyard according to the rules of organic farming certified by Ecocert.

The wines that I produce come mainly from the Pinot-Noir grape variety and are the reflection of terroirs made up mainly of Kimmeridgian marls offering purity, finesse and minerality, these wines are mostly red. ”

a confidential AOP

the freshness of the terroirs of Irancy

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