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Meursault vineyard

The Meursault vineyards are made up of a number of “terroirs” – parcels of land with individual characteristics of soil, drainage and orientation – and their distinct personalities yield a diverse range of wines. There are observable but minor differences between the wines of the different climates (named plots). In most cases, Meursault is greeny-gold in colour or canary yellow, leaning towards bronze as it ages. Limpid and brilliant, it sometimes exhibits silvery highlights. Its aromatic power and exceptional balance between fat and acidity make it an aristocrat among burgundies. Unsurprisingly, it has a natural affinity with noble and fine-textured fish or meat, which it can match without overpowering.


The history of the winery

This winery has been in the Michelot family for six generations and, having increased in size over the years, now comprises more than 19 ha which include a number of prestigious Premiers Crus wines. 

The domaine achieved widespread recognition in the 60s under the direction of the charismatic Bernard Michelot and this spirit and tradition flourishes and grows in the hands of the current generation.

The Winemaker

Nicolas Mestre, 34 years old, is working at the domain since 2009. 

After studies in viticulture, oenology and sales of wine in France, he decided to get some fresh air in New-Zealand during 6 months where he worked in vinification, learned english and visited the two islands. 

Once his return in the domain, he started working with his father, sharing together the different tasks in vines, cellar, and the commercialization. 

the pure expression of meursault

a confidential and rare winery

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